by Pastor Richard Tow
March 13, 2016
Text: Psalm 50:7-15

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Description: This sermon is the second in a series entitled “Foundational Guidance.” The circumstances of life can toss us to and fro if we are not well grounded in the basics of how we will live our lives. In Ps 50:7-15 God tells His people three key things He wants them to do. This message focuses primarily on the first of these, “Offer to God thanksgiving…”


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    1. Last week Micah 6:8
> Undergirds all other decisions
> Stabilizes like Keel of a ship
2. This week Ps 50:7-15

I. Who is God speaking to in our text? (verse 7)
1. Speaking to His own people
2. Courtroom like setting

II. What were they already doing plenty of? (verses 8-13)
1. Lots of external religion (no complaint about number of sacrifices)
2. Wrong thinking on what God wanted
> God does not need our stuff: He already owns it all
> External activity will not substitute for internal integrity of heart

III. What did God want them to do? (verses 14-15)
1. “Offer to God thanksgiving”
> Importance as stated in Scripture
Ps 105:1-6
Story: father/daughter
1 Thess. 5:18 will of God
> Importance by its absence being listing with other offenses
Rom. 1:21
1 Cor. 10

2. “pay your vows”
> Vow is a promise
Jacob’s promise to tithe (Gen. 28:20-22)
Voluntary OT offerings/ Nazarite vow/Wedding vows/Salvation
> Fulfill the commitment
Deut. 23:21

3. “Call upon Me”
> Specifically “in the day of trouble””
Jonah 2:2-6
> Chastening is provision of the covenant
Prov. 3:11-12; Heb. 12
> Two results
— “I will deliver you”
— “you shall glorify Me”


1. What is God saying to you from this message?

2. What is the difference between the way God deals with His children verses unbelievers? Why is chastening a good thing?

3. Why did Israel offer God external religious activity but not give Him what He is asking for in Micah 6:8 and in Ps 50:14-15? Why do people do that today?

4. What have you learned about making vows?

5. How has God dealt with you about nurturing a grateful heart? About expressing thanksgiving? What have you learned from dealing with your own children?